Why choose Beltone?

We are your local hearing health partners!

We are a group of highly trained professionals, committed to offering the most up to date and caring service possible. We have earned several awards over these past years, including the Canada Wide, Beltone Practice Award.

Along with our permanent locations, we are committed to helping people in all areas of NB & PEI and hold HEARING CLINICS  throughout each province. We are also proud to offer in-home service when you are unable to come to us!

When you choose Beltone you are choosing a locally owned business, backed by exemplary training and second to none hearing equipment and services.

Beltone has been serving Canadians for over 80 years and we are here to support you on your journey to better hearing and lend our expertise as you choose the best hearing aids for your unique needs and lifestyle.

We design products to make your life easier

We use the latest technology to develop hearing aids, apps, and accessories with features that make it easier to adjust to and use hearing aids in your day-to-day life. We invest heavily in research and development to continually bring you new products and improve the ones we have.

Beltone has introduced many “firsts” to the hearing aid industry.


  • In-the-ear hearing aids
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • An iPhone compatible hearing aid
  • An app for the Apple Watch

Meet our team

Audiologists & Practitioners

Pamela J. McDermott

Hearing Instrument Practitioner, BC-HIS 

Joseph McDermott

Hearing Instrument Practitioner

Celia McDermott

Registered Audiologist, M.SC, RAUD

Laura McDermott

Hearing Instrument Practitioner

Paul McGuire

Hearing Instrument Practitioner BC-HIS

Support Team

Michelle Wisted

Office Manager
Saint John & Fredericton

Melissa Burdeney

Office Manager

Donna Barron

Office Manager

Dianne Thomson

Office Manager
PEI Polyclinic Professional Centre